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Foreclosure Prevention

Gantz Associates is a full service law firm, which is dedicated to providing the hard working but financially depressed citizens of the State of Michigan with a full range of quality legal services, at affordable rates. 

Please call us today if you require legal assistance in any of the following practice areas:

•           Foreclosure prevention

•           Debt Settlement and credit repair

•           Bankruptcy

•           Personal injury

•           Estate planning, probate administration, and probate litigation

•           Criminal law

•           Family law

•           Employment law

•           Corporate formation and support

•           Commercial litigation

•           Real estate transactions and litigation

•           IRS defense

•           Appeals

Serving Oakland, Wayne, Washtenaw, Macomb, Genessee, Livingston and Monroe County.

Call GANTZ ASSOCIATES today at (248) 886-9006, or email Adam J. Gantz at AGantz@GantzAssociates.com